Risks and returns

An investment portfolio’s risk profile is an indicator of investment risks and expected returns. Read more about risks and returns at Fair Capital Partners asset management.

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Our risk profiles

We will work with you to establish a risk profile for your portfolio. The profile is an indicator of the returns you are looking to achieve and of the risks you are willing to face when investing. We manage your investment portfolio based on this risk profile.

Fair Capital Partners asset management works with seven risk profiles. High levels of risk are associated with high potential returns, low risk levels with lower returns. When risk levels are high the likelihood of extreme – upward and downward – movements in the value of your portfolio are also higher.

Current YearGross Return (average return per year)*
2024**5 year
10 year
15 year
More information

5,70%8,20%6,30%9,50%More information (pdf)
4,00%6,50%5,00%7,70%More information (pdf)

3,20%5,60%4,30%6,80%More information (pdf)
2,30%4,60%3,60%5,80%More information (pdf)

1,10%3,10%2,50%4,40%More information (pdf)
0,20%2,10%1,80%3,40%More information (pdf)
-1,90%-0,50%-0,20%0,80%More information (pdf)

** Until 31 May 2024

* The results shown represent the performance from the moment (2010) the “ASN universum¨ has been taken as the starting point for our investment policy. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Read more about the risks of investing. The returns shown are before deduction of fees. The fees depend on the amount you invest. Read more about the fees.

Source: Fair Capital Partners vermogensbeheer 31 May 2024

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