Asset Management
Step by step towards a fairer and better
world where sustainability is the norm

The benefits of
Fair Capital Partners
asset management

  • Fair Capital Partners offers you a unique way of asset management with biodiversity, climate and human rights at its core.

  • We invest your assets in governments and companies that are selected based on our sustainability criteria. This way, you can be confident that your investments will benefit people, animals and nature.

  • We invest your assets based on your personal situation, wishes, goals and possibilities.

  • We find it important that you feel comfortable with your investments and the associated the level of risk. That’s why protecting your assets is central to our asset management services.

  • You hand over responsibility for managing your assets to your dedicated contact, but you can track your portfolio at all times.

  • You want to invest your assets sustainably.

  • You have assets in excess of € 350,000.

  • You do not require access to your assets for a prolonged period of time.

  • You are aware of the risks and the business of investing.

  • You are prepared to take risks in order to achieve possible returns.

  • You are a retail investor.

  • You want professionals to take care of your investments.

Why Fair Capital Partners asset management is right for you

Fair Capital Partners
asset management

Interested in investing your assets sustainably and achieving your goals? Or would you like us to make your current portfolio fully sustainable? We would be happy to help you.