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There’s an urgent need to fundamentally change the economy across the globe. The depletion of natural resources is exhausting the planet. At the same time, carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases are causing climate change. Many of the world’s people cannot take part in the much-needed transition to a more sustainable economy. Elsewhere, climate change has rendered it impossible for people to sustain a livelihood, forcing them to migrate. To improve this situation, and to prevent things from getting worse, it’s vital that we create a sustainable, circular economy as soon as possible.

Our team

Asset Management


Alexander Crommelin

Director & Wealth manager

"My focus is on private clients. I’m interested in what drives people, what they want to achieve with their money. I help clients define their goals, always bearing in mind that the balance between risk and return is key. Based on this information, we create an investment plan for our clients. Once they have approved the plan, we build a portfolio based on ASN Bank’s sustainability criteria. We don’t compromise on sustainability. In fact, we’re blazing the trail, continually refining our criteria. At Fair Capital Partners asset management we build direct relationships with our clients, enabling us to always support them when important financial decisions need to be made. Alexander Crommelin is registered with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) as a senior asset manager."

René Dioncre

Financieel Planner

Helping people live a life in which their finances are tailored to their wishes is what drives me. Discovering what their wishes are and making them come true, seizing opportunities to make the world a better place, free of unrest and uncertainties – that’s what gives me energy. I enjoy truly engaging with people and use a financial life planning approach in an inspiring, personal way to explore their drives, goals and wishes – which in the case of our clients tend to be sustainability-related. Combined with the practical side of things, we take all these factors on board to draw up a concrete investment plan which, within clear boundaries and bandwidths, dovetails with our sustainable investment policy. I feel privileged to be able to contribute to building the portfolios starting in 2020. I was able to develop my experience by working for various employers, through life-long learning and new training courses, but above all during the many beautiful journeys I made with my clients. More so than aspects such as tax, structure and risk, it’s the decision-making process and the essence and dynamics of money that interest me. And so it’s in these areas that I’m happy to contribute my expertise. Achieving maximum sustainable returns and optimal financial is our aim!

Joos Grapperhaus

Wealth manager

“I joined the Fair Capital Partners team at the end of 2018, their investment strategy and way of working being the deciding factor for me. Fair Capital Partners asset management builds tailor-made portfolios for its clients in a transparent way. We invest in corporate equities and government bonds that have been admitted to ASN Bank’s sustainable investment universe and the issuing companies and countries are selected based on strict sustainability criteria. In the long term, these investments will outperform their peers. This approach appeals to me. I enjoy the daily commute in my hybrid car or electric moped from my hometown Amsterdam to the centre of Muiden, where our office is superbly located along the town’s historic harbour front.”


Jeroen Hartog

Wealth manager

"Explaining clearly what asset management entails is my primary focus during my first contact with clients. It’s important that they understand what lies ahead if they opt for Fair Capital Partners: they’re going to invest. I explain past returns, but also the risks investors face, and I ask them whether they are willing to take these risks. Another aspect I address is that, when hiring us to manage their assets, they hand over responsibility to us. While this gives them peace of mind, which many people like, they may not be aware that they will no longer be able to make decisions about their own investment portfolio. If the client is still interested and has the means, I explore how best to build their portfolio."


Jonas Nieuwenhuys


"The world of equities and bonds is a complex one. Good decisions can be made only after thorough research and sound analysis. I help the asset management team with these activities by gathering information and keeping track of developments in the market. You could compare my work to that of a chef who carefully selects his ingredients with a view to creating a special dish."

Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys


“Sustainability comes naturally to me. When my first child was born, I asked myself: Is this the world I want her to grow up in? No, of course not. When I entered the profession, I was trained as a traditional asset manager and I soon realised I didn't want to proceed down that road. Which is why, in 1990, I established Nieuwenhuys Brink Crommelin Duurzaam Vermogensbeheer. These days, sustainable investment is so successful that there is no good reason not to invest sustainably. My focus is on foundations and associations. I want my clients to feel that, while generating returns that enable them to achieve their financial goals, their assets are contributing to tomorrow’s world, a better place to grow up in." Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys is registered with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) as a senior asset manager."


Assistent Asset Management

With 25 years of experience as a system administrator/assistant controller, I am now putting my knowledge and experience to use as an assistant asset manager at Fair Capital Partners. I focus on improving the provision of information, supporting the asset managers administratively and developing useful tools so that our team is able to further optimize the service to you.



"The world is in transition – on many fronts. I sense an urgency for responsible investment, a need to invest in a better future. Not only for the sake of risk management, but also because it will enable us to seize the opportunities offered by a sustainable future. In my conversations with clients, we discuss how they would like to grow their assets and how this can be done in an impactful way."

Asceline Groot



We face so many social challenges that our courage can sometimes fail us. That is why I think it is important to also pay attention to what is going well. For years I have been researching - and writing about - sustainable trends and developments, innovations and special initiatives that make the world a better place. And I use this knowledge and experience as a communications consultant at Fair Capital Partners.

Impact Investing

Daan Laméris

Impact Investor

"The world is in flux. Many start-ups have sustainable or social ideas. And it’s good to see that there are a host of mission-driven organisations that can help these social entrepreneurs take the necessary steps through impact investing. As a team manager at the social investment company DOEN Participaties, I’ve built an industry-leading portfolio of impact investments that seek to generate both social and financial returns. I’m happy to be able to put my experience to good use for Fair Capital Partners."


Jasper Snoek

Impact Investor

"Twenty years ago, a Dutch flower grower in Tanzania asked me to help him secure funding. He took little interest in his people, nor did he have an eye for the environment. That’s not what I’m about. In my eyes, money should be used to make the world a better place, and to improve the way we interact with each other. I was able to put this into practice as the financial director of the DOEN Foundation, through donations to thousands of amazing pioneers who are seeking to make the world a little bit better. But above all through investments in more than a hundred trailblazing green and social enterprises and funds – investments that combine social and financial returns. In short, impact investing. A growing number of foundations, associations and wealthy families want to put their money to good use in that way too. I’m thrilled to be able to put my knowledge and skills to work for these clients."



Impact investor

"After my Business Administration studies, I was able to invest for 10 years at DOEN Participaties in particularly appealing green and social companies that make the world more beautiful and cleaner. That has been an enrichment in so many ways: it is much needed, it is fun, exciting and it can yield a nice financial return. Through Fair Capital Partners I like to use my knowledge and experience with the green use of capital for others, while we support entrepreneurs in realizing their sustainable mission. Making an impact together in a responsible way is what inspires me.”

Customer council

Jeroen Jansen

Chairperson of the Customer council & advisor

Sustainability is first and foremost about people. For us, the way in which people combine their personal needs and wishes with the interests of society at large is key. It’s very inspiring to discuss this with FCP’s Client Council.

Jeroen Jansen, founder of Buro Opwaarts. Previous positions include director of ASN Bank and Volksbank.

Supervisory Board

Judith Brandsma

Supervisory board

"I’m happy to be on Fair Capital Partners’ Supervisory Board because they’ve shown in these past years that applying sustainability as the principal criterion for the selection of investments does not exclude the possibility of generating solid financial returns. If we want to prevent the earth’s resources from being exhausted, people, planet and profit need to be in equilibrium. All investors should, in fact, aim for a sustainable portfolio as this will allow us, investors, to jointly bring about social change. It’s a matter of putting your money where your mouth is. Another reason for me to join Fair Capital Partners is that, in addition to their sustainable investments, they’re now beginning to actively invest for impact – investments that are aimed first and foremost at creating positive social impact. While also seeking good returns, financial gain is not their primary goal. This, to me, is sustainability 2.0. FCP is now the only firm in the Netherlands offering these investment options to relatively small investors. As a Supervisory Director, I’m looking to contribute to integrating Fair Capital Partners’ sustainability and impact goals into all its investment activities.”



“By joining Fair Capital Partners and being on their Supervisory Board, I’m becoming more sustainable myself. It’s not easy to be sustainable, I know, and I still have a long way to go. I also know very well that we’re exhausting the earth’s resources and I’m very much aware how difficult it is to bring about meaningful and systematic change. Whether we do that, for example, by not eating meat or by flying less, as in my case, or – which should apply to us all – by consuming less in an effort to at least slow down the pace with which we are exhausting our resources. Leaders and companies should no longer put economic gain and short-term thinking first. We all know it, but we seem to be rushing to destruction, like lemmings off a cliff. FCP is committed to doing something about this, through sustainable asset management and sustainable investing. I find that very important.”

Karen Maas

Supervisory board

“Money plays a pivotal role in our society. Things are created where money is invested. We can help make the world a better place by investing in ‘the good things’. By actively committing to reducing our negative impact (doing no harm) and to creating more positive impact by doing good. Shaping a strategy for an investment approach of this kind isn’t easy, but we need to do it if we are to create a liveable world going forward. Fair Capital Partners manages your assets with due respect for people, animals and nature, and with the future in mind. It does so on the strength of an active sustainability policy and by investing with impact. As a Supervisory Director, I’m happy to contribute to strategically embedding impact thinking in Fair Capital Partners’ investments.”

Fair Capital Impact Fund Foundation Board

The board of the Fair Capital Partners Impact Fund Foundation consists of:








Our organisation

Fair Capital Partners asset management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fair Capital Partners and works in partnership with investment bank InsingerGilissen Bankiers N.V and ABNAMRO Bank N.V..

  • holds a licence as an investment firm from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) under number 14001417.
  • has reported that it processes personal data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  • has its registered office in Muiden, the Netherlands, and is registered in the Commercial Register of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 32060125.
  • holds a licence from the Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and is registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets.
  • is affiliated with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI). The DSI monitors and promotes the integrity and expertise of financial service providers. Alexander Crommelin and Jan-Willem Nieuwenhuys are registered with the DSI as senior asset managers.

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ASN Bank Vermogensbeheer was acquired by its then management and Quadia S.A. in September 2018, and has continued independently of ASN Bank as Fair Capital Partners asset management. Operating under this name, we remain ASN Bank’s asset manager and we apply their sustainability criteria. Contact with Fair Capital Partners Asset management

Our history

Fair Capital Partners vermogensbeheer 2018 – Muiden

Since September 2018, ASN Asset Management has been acquired by the current management and Quadia S.A.( and continues independently as Fair Capital Partners asset management. Meanwhile, Quadia S.A. is no longer a shareholder. Fair Capital Partners asset management continues to work with ASN Bank as a partner with the same sustainability policy as the basis for its investments.

ASN Vermogensbeheer 2010 – The Hague

In 2010, ASN Bank took a majority stake in Nieuwenhuys Brink Crommelin Duurzaam Vermogensbeheer BV (NBC). The name of the company was changed into ASN Vermogensbeheer in 2011, and we started applying ASN Bank’s sustainable investment criteria in matters relating to human rights, climate, biodiversity and governance.

Nieuwenhuys Brink Crommelin Duurzaam Vermogensbeheer (NBC) 1990 – Weesp

NBC was the first asset manager in the Netherlands focusing solely on sustainable investments. Jan Willem Nieuwenhuys; “My training in asset management was traditional, and I soon knew I didn’t want to continue down that path. Money can contribute significantly to behavioural change. By combining my knowledge of investing with the principles of sustainability, I was able to blend two worlds, pursuing my ideals while generating financial returns”.


We apply the definition of the United Nations: ”Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” We embrace this definition in everything we say and do, based on ASN Bank’s comprehensive sustainability policy.

We manage your money with respect for people, animals and the environment, and with an eye to the future. Because we want to make a difference – today and for generations to come.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us in person, feel free to give us a call at + 31 294-745300. Or send an email to We would be happy to help.

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