This is... LocalTea

LocalTea grows real Dutch tea, right here in Brabant. This saves a lot of CO2 and water while providing delicious fresh tea. Without any additives because real tea tastes the best.

Tea from Dutch soil

The way we currently produce our food has many negative consequences for the Earth and our health. Products come from far away, and often we don’t even know what’s in our food. The goal is a food system that provides enough good food within the Earth’s capacity. Responsible production. Local production. 100% natural and transparent ingredients. No junk. LocalTea is a company that strongly contributes to this in an entrepreneurial way by producing tea locally.

"Local production and natural ingredients"

Transparent supply chain

LocalTea brings tea from its own soil. It is thus the only large-scale tea producer in Europe. By producing tea locally, LocalTea contributes to a better planet. Compared to tea that comes “from afar,” a cup of LocalTea emits 96% less CO2 and uses 96.96% less water. This company tells the true story of the chain, from farmer and maker to the final cup of tea.

The right parts of the tea plant

The flavor and nutrients of the tea plant reside in the young buds. These typically don’t make it into supermarket tea bags. Those dense bags are filled with more pieces of the plant that have been shredded and then heated, resulting in a sort of grit. LocalTea uses the right parts of the tea plant, and its optimal production processes yield various high-quality types of tea. And you can taste the difference!

Local Tea

LocalTea brings tea from its own soil and is the sole large-scale tea producer in Europe.

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