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Fair Capital Partners Impact Investing manages the fund. Our team has extensive experience in impact investing. Together, we’ve made over eighty impact investments. We leverage this knowledge, experience, and extensive network to identify and finance exceptional entrepreneurs. Subsequently, we apply our expertise in growing businesses and creating impact. The goal? To exit with maximum impact and financial returns in the end.

Driven and highly experienced team

We started the fund because we believe there is a world of opportunity. By connecting wealth holders and sustainable entrepreneurs through the fund, we can create something beautiful. As a team, we ensure that everything runs smoothly. We master all aspects of impact investing: building a pipeline of investments, screening companies and teams, making investments, guiding entrepreneurs in their growth, determining impact, and realizing exits.

Previously, we built a portfolio worth €180 million over ten years with investments in over eighty (inter)national companies and funds working towards a circular economy, a sustainable energy system, and a fair food system. And we were among the first to demonstrate that we could sell shares – after making a significant impact – with a handsome financial return. Examples include Netherlands Insulates, a company that insulates Dutch homes on a large scale. The New Motion, which offers charging solutions for cars. 3D Hubs, making 3D printing accessible to large groups of users. And OrangeGas, which offers green gas as a fuel for vehicles.

Fair Capital Impact Fund Foundation

The fund has the Fair Capital Impact Fund Foundation as its legal owner. The investments and other assets of the fund are legally held on behalf of the Participants by the foundation. It operates independently of the Manager and acts in the interest of the participants in the fund.

The Board of Trustees of the Fair Capital Impact Fund Foundation

The board of the Fair Capital Impact Fund Foundation consists of Arianne Bonthuis, Jan Sebel (chairman), and Ewoud Goudswaard.

Arianne Bonthuis

Arianne Bonthuis

Jan Sebel

Jan Sebel

Ewoud Goudswaard

Ewoud Goudswaard

Fair Capital Partners

Fair Capital Partners Impact Investing B.V. is part of Fair Capital Partners. Additionally, Fair Capital Partners Asset Management assists clients in deploying their wealth entirely sustainably, both in publicly listed securities and in bonds, all of which meet the criteria set by ASN Bank.

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