This is... ECO Group

ECO Group is driving a sustainable revolution in laundry and personal care. The company brings together many sustainable brands under one roof, all working together to make the world cleaner. By producing locally with natural ingredients and using minimal packaging materials, they save a significant amount of water and CO2.

Sustainable cleaning and personal care products

From the current offerings in the drugstore or supermarket aisle, only a small portion is sustainable. Most products are made from oil and other chemical raw materials, produced far away, the processes are polluting and use a lot of water, and a lot of plastic is used in the packaging.

Founders Thomas Nehfischer and Christoph Schwerdtle use their years of international experience (including at multinational Procter & Gamble) to change this. In 2018, they launched the brand Dental Delight together, offering a range of eco-friendly toothpastes now available in 7,000 stores throughout Germany. In conversations with other sustainable startups, they noticed that many young entrepreneurs face similar challenges. From this, the idea emerged to bring together various sustainable companies and combine forces to grow faster together. The common goal: to create a sustainable world together and to stand up against unsustainable multinationals like Unilever and Procter & Gamble. Thus, Eco Group was born.

"The common goal: stand up against unsustainable multinationals together."

Eco Group makes an impact per product:

  • By making products as compact as possible. This reduces water usage during production and CO2 emissions during transportation.
  • By using recyclable or recycled materials. Using less new plastic and replacing it with renewable resources (e.g., bamboo) are important steps towards a circular economy.
  • By using natural, certified ingredients.

Based on these principles, ECO Group guides the companies that become part of the group in furthering the sustainability of their products.

ECO Group now consists of 5 brands.

  1. Dental Delight
    Award-winning oral care including toothpaste and tablets, mouthwash, etc. These products are vegan, climate-neutral, and free from microplastics, palm oil, and other non-sustainable ingredients.

  2. Hydrophil
    Develops a sustainable product line for the bathroom, vegan and ethical, with original and appealing products. Hydrophil also increases awareness of sustainability and resource scarcity.

  3. Naiked
    Creates sustainable cleaning products and household items without unnecessary additives. Aesthetic, functional, and colorful. Without unnecessary ingredients and fillers such as microplastics. Switching to environmentally friendly products is easy and affordable.

  4. Daily Good
    Sustainable skincare, accessible to everyone due to lower prices. This brand proves that environmentally friendly products don’t have to be expensive. The products are vegan and ethically produced.

  5. Kuno
    Sustainable laundry strips as an alternative to detergent. The strips are biodegradable, vegan, and packaged in 100% plastic-free and recyclable cardboard. Due to their ultra-compact form and lower weight, the laundry strips significantly reduce CO2 emissions during transport compared to conventional detergents.

By producing locally with natural ingredients and minimal packaging, a significant amount of water and CO2 is saved.

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