This is... Chainable

Chainable produces and installs modular and circular kitchens designed specifically for housing corporations and institutional investors with social or low-rent housing. In this way, Chainable ensures circular use of resources, significant reduction of CO2 emissions, and low environmental costs in the kitchen industry.

"Chainable is committed to the circular use of resources."

A circular kitchen market

Chainable is determined to make the traditional kitchen market more circular by offering modular reusable kitchens to housing associations and investors. Where housing associations currently have to replace kitchens in homes after 15 years, with most of the materials ending up in the scrap, Chainable offers an 82% circular kitchen with a modular click-on base frame that lasts for 60 years. Loose panels are clicked onto the base frame, which can be quickly replaced over time. This requires much less material. Chainable brings old materials back into the chain.

KAAS, or Kitchens – As – A - Service

Chainable’s kitchens are offered in a Kitchen-as-a-Service (KaaS) model, allowing the kitchen to be leased entirely or partially. Purchase is also an option, with a buy-back guarantee provided in that case. This makes the model appealing to housing associations, due to the maintenance service, and ensures the circularity of the kitchen.

Moreover, the long-term costs are significantly lower than with a traditional kitchen because the frame can be provided with a new exterior two to three times over those 60 years.

The frame can definitely be fitted with a new exterior two to three times over those 60 years.

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