This is... Tap Electric

Tap Electric accelerates electric driving by providing both the car owner and the charging point operator with an enhanced experience and seamlessly connecting them.

Electric charging needs to become easier

At the moment, approximately one fifth of the newly sold passenger cars in the Netherlands are fully electric. This percentage is expected to gradually increase in the coming years, as from 2030 only electric cars may be sold. To achieve this goal, more than 600 charging points need to be installed daily. Unfortunately, this process is generally not user-friendly; the costs for charging point operators are high due to outdated software contracts, and the system is inflexible. Additionally, for electric car owners, charging a vehicle is often a negative experience due to fragmented markets, lack of innovation, and inadequate data. Tap Electric provides a solution to these challenges.

A much better experience

Tap Electric is an innovative platform that seamlessly connects electric vehicle owners and charging point operators. It distinguishes itself with transparent pricing and low costs. By facilitating a seamless connection between supply and demand, Tap Electric actively contributes to accelerating the transition to electric driving in Europe. With a strong focus on efficiency and user-friendliness, Tap Electric enables drivers to easily access reliable charging points, while operators can optimize the use of their charging infrastructure. Charging point owners can list their charging points for free online within one minute via the app and automatically receive payment for their usage. By removing obstacles and creating a favorable ecosystem, Tap Electric plays a key role in promoting sustainable mobility and reducing CO2 emissions across Europe.

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