This is... Seepje

Seepje creates laundry and cleaning products from soap nuts and other naturally sourced ingredients. In 2013, Jasper Gabriëlse and Melvin Loggies founded the company, starting with the import of Sapindus shells before developing a product for the Dutch market. The soap nuts (Sapindus mukorrosi) are derived from a tree that grows in Nepal and India. The shell of this fruit has cleansing and antibacterial properties, making it an effective and skin-friendly alternative to the synthetic, petroleum-based detergents commonly found in stores.

"The fruit's shell has a cleansing effect"


A wide range of products

Seepje is now cleaning up the world with a wide range of products, from laundry detergent and fabric softener to dish soap and hand soap. They offer not only liquids but also new solid washing blocks to further reduce water transport and plastic use. Customers can find their products in major supermarkets like Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Plus, as well as at Picnic and Etos. In Germany, Seepje is available at DM, and in Belgium at Colruyt’s Okay and BioPlanet stores. This accessibility is crucial because the more people use Seepje, the greater the impact.

Challenging the sector

Seepje enjoys showcasing to others in the sector how sustainability can be achieved. For example, in the spring of 2022, the recipe for their natural all-purpose cleaner was shared in the Volkskrant newspaper, with the aim of accelerating the transition to sustainable cleaning products at major companies such as Unilever and P&G. In this way, Seepje aims to make even more impact beyond just selling their own products.

Seepje makes a difference

Seepje has a mission to replace as many synthetic laundry products as possible with natural alternatives while working in a fair and socially responsible manner.

Replacing regular synthetic detergents is important because these products typically contain between five and ten percent petroleum and/or natural gas. This is equivalent to the amount needed to produce a single-use plastic bag per wash. But it can be different. Seepje’s products consist of over 99 percent natural ingredients. Each Seepje product sold makes a difference. In 2022, it is expected to make a difference of over a million liters. And as the company grows, so does its contribution. Seepje pays a fair price for ingredients sourced from Nepal and India and ensures the planting of thousands of new soap trees to provide farmers with long-term income. Packaging materials are also consciously chosen to minimize environmental impact. The bottles are made almost entirely from recycled plastic waste. And with the next step towards more solid products, plastic consumption can be greatly reduced. Finally, Seepje collaborates with social workshops in the Netherlands for packaging. Dozens of employees assist Seepje, contributing to their independence, responsibility, and social interaction.

Seepje produces laundry and cleaning products with ingredients of natural origin, including foaming super shells.

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