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Reliving combats resource waste and ‘fast furniture’ with a digital marketplace for used furniture and interior items. It’s made as easy as possible and of good quality. It’s like buying new items that will last another lifetime.

The fight against 'fast furniture'

In Europe, we throw away 60 million pieces of furniture each year, of which only 10% is recycled. This is partly due to ‘fast furniture’: cheap furniture that typically lasts only seven years. In 2019, Reliving was founded by Jody Klaassen, Ananda van Doorn, and Vincent van Leeuwen. With their platform, the entrepreneurs aim to significantly reduce the negative impact of the furniture industry and make second-hand the new norm. Their motto is: ‘make use of what already exists.’

"Making second-hand the new norm"

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Online marketplace for second-hand furniture

The online marketplace for unique second-hand furniture features a carefully curated selection. Advanced technology allows for large numbers of products to be listed online at once. The platform is user-friendly and aims to make stylish and sustainable interiors more accessible to a wider audience.

Affordable second-hand furniture

Both private individuals and professional traders sell items through the platform. Reliving aims to become the number one provider of affordable second-hand furniture in Europe. After the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany is next on the agenda.

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60 million pieces of furniture discarded

Every year in Europe, we throw away 60 million pieces of furniture. Many end up in incinerators, which is truly regrettable. That’s why Reliving’s goal is to give as many pieces of furniture multiple lives as possible. This approach prevents the need for manufacturing new furniture, thereby leaving trees and other resources untouched. The more successfully Reliving achieves this and the more products are bought through the platform, the greater the impact.


Reliving combats resource wastage and 'fast furniture' with a digital marketplace for furniture and interior items.

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