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This is... Plantitude

Plantitude ensures that as many plant-based products as possible are available in stores, providing consumers with a choice. In doing so, they are addressing the polluting meat industry.

For brands and retailers

Plantitude helps retailers on one hand to get a diverse assortment of innovative vegan products on the shelves. On the other hand, it assists suppliers (brands) in getting into various supermarkets across Europe. This is often a significant challenge for small emerging players, especially if they are new to the European market, where each country has its own dynamics and culture.

Founders Joep van Straalen and Aart-Jan van der Kaaij previously ran a webshop for butchers together but became convinced that meat is not the future and that we need to switch to more sustainable alternatives.

"An expanding range towards the consumer"

eerlijke voeding

Plant-based food is the future

The more high-quality plant-based products available, the easier it becomes for consumers to transition from animal-based proteins to plant-based foods. Thus, Plantitude contributes to the protein transition needed to reduce the heavy environmental impact of the meat industry.

In supermarkets like Jumbo, you’ll find several major brands on the shelves, thanks to Plantitude, such as Verdino, La Vie, and Daiya.

Better for the planet

The way our food is currently produced has significant negative consequences for the planet and the health of humans and animals.

For example, meat and dairy production place a huge burden on the planet. A burden that’s too heavy. Currently, more than 75% of the global agricultural land is used for livestock feed and pasture. This leads to deforestation, large emissions of greenhouse gases, and loss of biodiversity. Moreover, animal suffering is inherently linked to the production of meat, eggs, and dairy.

Due to the heavy environmental impact, alternatives to animal proteins are necessary. And the beauty of it is, as Plantitude grows, so does the availability of plant-based products.

eerlijke voeding
eerlijke voeding

As an importer and distributor of 100% plant-based products in Europe, Plantitude ensures a wide range of options for consumers.

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